Affluent With Complex Needs

We help affluent families like yours plan for and address the many complexities of wealth, always balancing your needs for today with your goals for tomorrow.

Have you noticed that the more successful you become, the less time you have to plan for and manage risk associated with the future and the more help you need managing your wealth?

Financial Planning to Address the Complexities of Wealth

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So Many Decisions

You may have college educations to plan for, insurance matters to address, and philanthropic or legacy goals to achieve, or multi-generational wealth management plans to make.

When you add in a host of other needs such as building irrevocable trusts and other estate planning strategies, managing risk, developing insurance strategies, and tax planning and wealth preservation, it can be overwhelming, to say the least.

We will work together with you to address the complexities of your wealth, creating a process that will best serve you and your family.

Involvement Catered to Your Preferences

Some of our clients are interested in the strategic elements of the work we do and count on us to implement the tactical plans that will help them achieve their goals.

Others prefer us to do the heavy lifting as it relates to strategies for growing and preserving their wealth but prefer to be involved in decision making.

We make sure that the relationship with your financial advisor reflects your specific interests and preferences.

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Our advisors’ partnerships with others such as Raymond James Financial Services allows us access to specialty services built precisely for you, including trust services, private banking, and family governance services.

Whatever the Need, We’ll Be Here As Your Family Builds, Grows, and Evolves Into Future Generations

We take pride in our ability to build multi-generational relationships with our clients, providing objective advice to each family member while always keeping the big picture in mind.