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We provide small to mid-size business owners with a strong partner who not only understands your journey, but also has resources to support your business planning, growth, and eventual transition or exit strategy.

How We Support Business Owners Like You

Business ownership can be an exciting and rewarding experience with the right support.

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Create a Comprehensive, Personal Financial Plan

We work with business owners to develop financial plans that consider both personal and business goals. We help owners assess their current situation from multiple angles, develop strategies for growth and to manage risk, and align their personal and business finances to enable overall financial health.

Develop a Succession Plan

As most business owners know, planning for the future of a business is crucial, whether you intend to pass it on to family members, sell it, or have a planned exit strategy. We work with you, and often your CPA and Corporate Attorney, to develop a succession plan that facilitates the right transition for you.

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Tax Planning & Optimization

Business owners face unique tax considerations. We work with business owners and their CPA or accountant to develop tax strategies that minimize tax liabilities. We provide guidance on tax-efficient investment strategies and develop options for retirement and employee benefit plans.

Risk Management & Insurance

Business ownership can sometimes feel like it is fraught with risk and there is a need to protect personal and business assets from unforeseen events. We assist you in thinking through your insurance needs, such as business interruption, liability, and key person insurance.

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