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Retirement Planning

Look Beyond Your Financials Retirement is supposed to be fun, right? It’s the prize for your hard work and dedication to your job, family, community, and more. Then why might the idea of or your actual retirement sometimes feel a little bit terrible? You and various members of our team have worked together and done …

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Navigating Medicare

Medicare Medicare – a most common topic of discussion among those age 65 and older. Why? Medicare can be complicated.  People often use the advice and lessons learned from others to support their own decisions. We think it is important for you to have the best plan available for your personal healthcare and financial situation.  …

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6 Mistakes Snowbirds Make

With all the excitement associated with becoming a snowbird or buying a second home, important details can be missed. Our hope is to help you save time, and possibly money, by learning 6 mistakes snowbirds make. Nearly half of our clients live the snowbird lifestyle. Thus, we have a lot of data and conversations to …

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Business Owners – Increase Your Retirement Savings

“As a business owner, how can I save more for retirement while mitigating taxes?” Business owners grapple with this question often. We know that business owners focus on reinvesting profits back into the growth of their business. And, while this is a great practice, it can mean that individual retirement savings are set on the …

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How We Save Your Tax Dollars

Tax Efficiency 101 – How We Save Your Tax Dollars One of the things that we pride ourselves on is our work with clients on tax efficiency. What do we mean by that? Globally speaking, something is “tax-efficient” if it is taxed at a lower rate than an alternative. Basically, tax efficiency refers to doing …

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Financial Planning for Business Owners

As many of you know, I have been a business owner for more than 30 years. Working with fellow business owners is one of my passions – and having a financial planner as an integral part of your advisory team has many benefits. Advisors who have a depth of knowledge in financial planning are a …

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Buying Waterfront Property?

Waterfront property

Thinking about buying waterfront property? A second home….and really hoping you can enjoy the view of a pristine lake or the soothing sound of ocean waves? Read on to gain insights on how best to prepare for home ownership on water. Important Considerations for Buying Waterfront Property Access to the water: What type of waterfront …

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Roth vs. Traditional Contributions

Roth vs. Traditional Contributions For those actively working, there are many benefits and other financial decisions to make each year. One key decision is associated with your employer savings plan.  Many of us hear the term Roth and aren’t quite sure what it means.  It is a type of contribution that you can make to …

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Financial Planning for Retirees

Successful financial panning for retirees is often looked at as the goal of financial planning. However, the planning process does not end there. In fact, once you retire, there are many key events that a good plan should address and unique sets of challenges that go with them. Just today, we had a client comment …

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Smart Decisions for Snowbirds

snowbird lifestyle

Create the freedom to follow your life wherever it leads. With nearly half of our client base already living the snowbird lifestyle, before and after retirement, we know there is a lot more to consider than where to buy a new home.  If we were to list all the decision points for someone considering having …

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