Moving Out of State?

Like many of our clients, you might be thinking about moving out of state.  What issues should you consider  when moving out of state?  There is much to consider prior to and during ownership of a second home especially when moving out of state. Thinking about everything from cashflow, tax implications, and insurance to estate planning, education funding, and healthcare means this isn’t a decision to make without all the information you need.

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The worksheet below will certainly help you identify what you do know and what you still need to know about the ramifications of owning a second home, especially in another state. Undoubtedly, you will also uncover questions that you don’t know how to answer. That’s where your SWMG Wealth Advisor can help. Please reach out to us well before you choose to take on a second home. We would like to help you avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Download Free Worksheet

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