Investment Management

Helping You Build Generational Wealth

Investment Management

We start with the end in mind, understanding your risk capacity, time frame in which you will need access to cash, tax situation, and growth objectives.

From there, we identify the types of investments (stocks, bonds, cash and alternatives, etc.) that serve as a best fit and how much should be invested in each type.

We then implement the plan, monitor, and rebalance your investments on a regular basis, and make recommendations for change, as appropriate.

Our many years of experience and pooled market knowledge help provide you with sophisticated investment guidance and well-informed, thoroughly researched recommendations.

Our Investment Philosophy

We work with you to control what you can, and to plan around what you cannot.

  • Focus on creating an investment plan to fit your needs and risk tolerance over chasing investment returns
  • Maintain a longterm portfolio management approach; staying disciplined through market dips and swings
  • Monitor your goals regularly and revise with you, as needed
  • Identiify and review potential blind spots
  • Manage expenses, turnover, and taxes

Managing Your Investment Portfolio

Our Chief Investment Officer (CIO) leads our Investment Committe, which is responsible for:

  • Building, monitoring and updating investment models
  • Defining strategies to manage short-, mid-, and long-term risks
  • Reviewing individual client investment performance and making recommendations for change, as needed