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Retirement Planning for Gen X

Retirement Planning for Gen X (Age 44 to 59 in 2024) Generation X is currently in their peak earning years, and in many instances, balancing the care of their children and parents. Many are using two primary resources as part of their care – time and money. And while retirement may seem years away for …

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Episode 13: Pension & Buy-Outs

Pension & Buy-Outs – Critical Considerations Are you or someone you know faced with a decision around whether to take your pension or buy-out in a lump-sum or through periodic annuity payments? If so, you probably know it is a complicated decision. How long do you think you’ll live? Does the plan allow for your …

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Episode 12: Snowbirds

Melissa Joy and Sherri - Podcast Cover

Sherri Stephens, President and CEO of Stephens Wealth Management Group, discusses the “ins and outs” of becoming a snowbird/sunbird with fellow Financial Planner and Founder of Pearl Planning, Melissa Joy.  Thinking about becoming a snowbird?  Not sure where to start?  Take a listen to hear more about Sherri and Melissa’s journeys to second home ownership …

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Episode 11: Cybersecurity


Ryan O’Hara is an entrepreneur, cybersecurity expert, two-time best-selling author, co-host of the Security Squawk podcast, and founder and CEO of Sphinx Cybersecurity. Sphinx Cybersecurity is a Michigan based IT and cybersecurity services firm that helps small and medium sized business manage their cyber risk. Sphinx specializes in keeping businesses, throughout the United States, secure …

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Episode 10: Medicare Open Enrollment

Retirement Specialist

Advisor Jill Carr talks with Jamie Segerstrom, a Medicare and Retirement Specialist, about the ins and outs of Medicare and open enrollment. Medicare comes with lots of options, so take a listen to the podcast and find out if any adjustments to your plans might be in order. Jamie Segerstrom became interested in helping other …

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Episode 9: Thinking About Downsizing Your Home?

Downsizing your home

Thinking about downsizing your home when you retire or become an empty nesters? What are the things you should know about the current real estate market? How should you prepare for this kind of housing transition? Jill talks to Kristy Cantleberry, a realtor, about the ins and outs of getting your home ready for sale …

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Episode 8: How will you pay for assisted living?

The average cost of a private, single room in an assisted living facility is $4,500 per month? How will you or a loved one pay for assisted living?  With 7 out of 10 people requiring assisted living care in their lifetime, it’s an important topic to understand. Medicare won’t cover the cost of a long-term …

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Episode 7: Innovative and Customized Health Care

Picuture of Jill Carr and Steve Feldman

Hello I am Jill Carr, a wealth advisor with Stephens Wealth Management Group, today I am speaking with Steve Feldman, who is the CEO of Feinberg Consulting.  They are based out of West Bloomfield, MI, and they are an intervention, case management, and coaching company that provides innovative and customized health care solutions to individuals …

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Episode 5: Travel Planning for Retirees

Jill Carr and Jessica Brown photo

Our podcasts will cover topics that we are passionate about.  Jill Carr (SWMG Wealth Advisor) and Jessica Brown (Owner of Dream Vacations) discuss and share insights intended to help retirees with travel planning (as well as other travel lovers) save time, money, and stress. For more travel planning information, contact Jessica Brown by phone at …

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Episode 4: Estate Planning Basics Everyone Should Know

Estate planning is critical to protecting your legacy, no matter your age or wealth. Effective estate planning can help you to avoid unnecessary taxes and legal tie-ups and enable property and money to be distributed according to your wishes. Listen to Jill’s podcast with Attorney Heidi McAra for more information. Our podcasts will cover topics that …

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