Stan Seybold

Marketing Director

Stan joined Stephens Wealth Management Group back in 2014 and focuses on ensuring a great experience for every client and ongoing communication and engagement with stakeholders of all types. Previously, Stan worked at a Tier 1 supplier on a team that supported Chrysler’s prototype builds for advertising, photography, shows, and events. He also worked as a Marketing Director for an international supplier of PVC couplings where he had the opportunity to stand-up and nurture their overall marketing function. Eventually, Stan made his way to the financial services industry and now uses his expertise with branding, social media, website development, and client event planning to support our clients, partners, and team.

Stan Seybold

Stan's Money Story

“Out of high school I began work at the home of John Winton, former Raymond James financial advisor, working on outdoor projects, home improvements and whatever needed to be done. Over the hot summer months, John often grilled me as to why I was not in college. Simply put, I did not have the money to afford college at the time. I walked to work every day and passed a construction zone where a shopping plaza was going up. I decided to stop in one morning and ask the foreman if he needed a laborer. He said, “not today.” I decided to stop there every morning and ask again. Sure enough, after two weeks, I was working a job with a man’s wage. I saved every dime and continued to work for John as well. John took me around to several colleges and universities to see which one I would like to attend. I selected a school to attend the following summer, and soon I was off to college. Saving money and planning for my future began with John Winton and as luck would have it, I am now working for the company he founded.”

Stan Seybold

Service & Leadership

Stan volunteers with the Genesee County Eastern Food Bank. Additionally, he leads inter-office group activities that provide comradery and fun, like Commit to Fit sponsored by the Greater Flint Health Coalition, MSU Vs Michigan football get-togethers, family events, and more.


Bachelor of Science, Michigan State University

Outside of the Office

Stan has two adult children and a granddaughter. Summer months include outdoor activities, concerts, staying fit, and working in the vegetable garden. Fall brings college football and bonfires, while wintertime is a time for travel to places that are warm and bright.