Chandler Fish

Office Manager
Compliance Analyst

Chandler has been with Stephens Wealth Management Group for over a decade. Starting out as a part-time college intern, Chandler has since greatly expanded her role and knowledge and now wears many hats at SWMG. She is the face (and voice) that many clients recognize most as our Receptionist. Chandler is also our in-house expert on several IT systems and supports research, analysis, and general operational projects. Her extreme attention to detail and willingness to assist others makes Chandler easy to work with and a great asset to our clients and team.

Bachelor of Arts, University of Michigan Flint
Degree in Journalism

Chandler Fish

Chandler's Money Story

“My dad always told me, ‘Save something for a rainy day.’ If I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. Growing up primarily in a one income household, I witnessed my dad weather many rainy days to provide for me and my sister. We always had the necessities, but usually had to do without the extras. Life is unpredictable and my dad taught me the importance of trying to prepare for unpredictable moments by minimizing what you get in the short-term for what you might really need down the road. While I’ve always understood how important this way of living is, being a mom has only strengthened my desire to prepare for not only my future, but the future of my children too.”

Chandler Fish

Outside of the Office

Chandler loves being a new mom to her young children, Leighton, Kennedy and Cameron. When not taking care of her “team” at home and at the office, she appreciates quiet time at home (although this is hard to come by!). Chandler also likes taking trips to Florida to visit her sister and niece.