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The Ins and Outs of Long-Term Care Insurance

caregiver helping senior woman

Some people think that when they get older and they have to go into an assisted living or nursing home facility, they will just be covered by Medicare or their regular health insurance. Wrong. Medicare doesn’t cover much of assisted living or nursing home stays. Your stay could be covered by Medicaid, which is for …

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Why You Shouldn’t Name a Minor Child as Your Beneficiary

Minor Child as a Beneficiary

Continuing with September as National Life Insurance Awareness month… One of the main reasons people have life insurance is because they have young kids. Often, people think that they should name their spouse as the primary beneficiary and then the kids as contingents (if something happens to both parents). This blog talks about why this …

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digital asset

Cryptocurrencies represent digital units that are utilized to facilitate online transactions without the need for a central intermediary to process. The cryptocurrencies transactions are digitally recorded on a public ledger. As of May 2021, per CoinMarketCap, more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies, also known as coins, have been launched as there are minimal barriers to launching new …

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Winning the Lottery!

Marking Number On Lottery Ticket

What to do After Winning the Lottery July 17th was National Lottery Day. So, did you play? Let’s imagine you winning the lottery! Congratulations! What’s the first thing you should do? If your answer was, post it on Facebook, you would be wrong. The best thing to do is to remain anonymous, if possible.  Currently …

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Credit Card Benefits

Stack of credit cards

We all know the basic benefits of a credit card—allowing you to pay for things over time and building your credit, and you might even be familiar with rewards such as cash back, miles, or points, as I talked about in last week’s blog. That said, I recently opened a business credit card and was …

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Credit Card Travel Hacking

Credit Cards and Passport

Gen Y & Z are seemingly obsessed with “hacks”. I know my 12-year-old son is always talking to me about various “life hacks” that he sees on TikTok. But one of the original life hacks is using credit cards for travel hacking—basically, using credit cards to the fullest to try to get things like free …

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“Too Conservative” for Investing?

Close-up Of young businesswoman using smartphone with Low Risk

Am I too conservative for Investing?  The market has been somewhat volatile this year and some of my clients have expressed fear that the markets are “too high” and they should get out until this is over. My question to them is—how do you know when it’s over? It’s very tempting to want to play …

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Cash Vs. Money Market

golden dollar symbol

Chasing interest on your cash is a tough thing to do, especially right now with interest rates being so low. Several years ago, before the financial crisis of 2008-2009, I held funds in what were called “demand notes.” Demand notes, a type of money market fund, paid a higher interest rate than a typical savings …

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Your Financial Review Meeting

woman providing a male entrepreneur with financial advisor

Today’s post is a guest blog post from Kim Waldman, who is our Chief Operating Officer at Stephens Wealth Management Group. So, you want to make the most of  your financial review meeting, but you aren’t sure how?  I totally understand and was in that place myself just a few years back.  Following are a …

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