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Unmasking the Predators

Unmasking the Predators: 10 Common Elder Abuse Scams Elder abuse scams are unfortunately prevalent, targeting vulnerable senior citizens and attempting to deceive or exploit them for financial gain. Here are 10 common elder abuse scams to be aware of: Medicare/Healthcare Scams: Scammers pose as representatives from Medicare or healthcare providers, requesting personal information or payment details …

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Reflections on our Independence


As we approach the two-year anniversary of becoming an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), I thought it made sense to reflect on the benefits of the change and summarize what has happened over the past 24 months. You may recall that the change to RIA was intended to support us in maintaining our high fiduciary …

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The Market Rallies…

The Market Rallies… After a difficult year in 2022, the markets are off to a strong start halfway through 2023. The market rally has been driven in part by the excitement around artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential impact, as well as an economy that’s been resilient. The S&P 500 (500 large US companies) is …

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3 Key Principles – Planning for Retirement

We get it. Finances can sometimes feel stressful and complicated. Life is a series of events – some simple, others complex. Planning for retirement is one of the more complex. That’s why we are dedicating a portion of our newsletter to specifically address some of the most pressing retirement planning related topics and concerns for …

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What is aggregating? Aggregating allows us to consider the assets, liabilities, and other holdings of your household so that we can better coordinate the financial planning we do with you. Many of our clients have multiple accounts with Stephens Wealth Management Group, a mortgage with one bank, a car loan with a different bank, checking …

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Second Homeownership

Second homeownership

Snowbirds: Second Homeownership ft. Melissa Joy Transcript: “Welcome to a Word on Wealth, a Stephens Wealth Management Group podcast focused on topics of interest to business owners as well as couples and individuals on the Glide Path to or in early retirement. We discuss topics of interest to you and hope to bring clarity to …

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7 Tax Essentials

Snowbird lifestyle

7 Tax Essentials for Snowbirds Snowbirds frequently head to places like Florida, Arizona, or California in the winter months, and come back during the summer months. Before you pack up and fly away, here are 7 tax essentials  to help you figure out the tax side of being a snowbird. Decide on your “tax residence.” State …

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is March 8th.  The theme is #EmbraceEquity.  For more information on this global event, visit SWMG believes in supporting women and families by empowering women through financial literacy.  Some women manage household cashflow / balance the checkbook, some serve as the lead in financial decision making, and others have little to no involvement in …

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Moving Out of State?

Like many of our clients, you might be thinking about moving out of state.  What issues should you consider  when moving out of state?  There is much to consider prior to and during ownership of a second home especially when moving out of state. Thinking about everything from cashflow, tax implications, and insurance to estate …

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Secure Act 2.0 (Webinar)

SECURE Act 2.0

 The SECURE 2.0 Act is now law. The legislation provides a slate of changes that could help strengthen the retirement system—and Americans’ financial readiness for retirement. The law builds on earlier legislation that increased the age at which retirees must take required minimum distributions (RMDs) and allowed workplace saving plans to offer annuities, capping …

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